Mortimer Springs - 55 years of component manufacturing to the tightest tolerances

Mortimer Springs


Mortimer Springs - components to the tightest tolerances

Our products

Our production facilities are flexible enough to produce millions or a single component if that is what you need, either on a Just in Time basis, or on a stocking system supplied against schedule.

Compression and Tension

Compression and Tension springs are manufactured completely automatically to close tolerances from .007" upwards.

Multi-slide & Presswork

Pressings are manufactured at high speed, and more complicated strip components for our multi slide machines, are tooled in-house in our own toolroom.

Torsion & Wire Forms

Torsion springs and Wireforms in either the most complex shapes or just cut to length, present no problem, and can be made to tight tolerances.

Split Rings, Washers & Fasteners

Shim and Belleville Washers, Split Key Rings, Dog Clips, Split Pins as well as a variety of other fasteners, are supplied from standard ranges, and are normally ex stock.

bullet Compression Springs
bullet Tension Springs
bullet Torsion Springs
bullet Wireforms
bullet Multislide & Presswork
bullet Split Rings
bullet Dog Clips
bullet Split Pins
bullet Shim & Belleville Washers
bullet Assemblies
bullet Die Springs
bullet Garter Springs
bullet Clock Springs
bullet Volute Springs
bullet Stock of all types of wire and strip


a million components or a single customised piece